This podcast features various scary stories and creepypasta from popular Youtuber MaddMike. So they load up their rifles, we eat some more, and we just kind of sit around until about 11. To this fucking day, every time I think about this, I really pray to God that it's some huge prank that my cousins played on me and just never revealed so I would … Read More

You can increase your opportunity for business success and personal growth with a new or refined focus. Thus, psychoanalytic treatment assumes that insight obtained through the treatment process results in the strengthening of internal mechanisms, which becomes evident by the establishment of external controls; in other words, the change process sh… Read More

This innovative water-powered scooter unites the advantages of scrubbing power tools with the easy cleaning power of water. Use with water, cleansers or auto soap . Youll find the Brush-Hero useful for tires, tires and all automobile detailing needs. Use the white brush for tough jobs and the black brush for sensitive surfaces such as chrome. It … Read More

This e-book teaches you the fundamentals of shooting basic interview videos incorporating proper lighting, audio, and composition. Composition is the way you choose to frame your subject in the video you're about to capture. The great thing about videos is not only can they demonstrate your product — you can use them for other online marketing to… Read More

It has never been easier for anyone with a smartphone or a digital camera to record their own video footage and broadcast it to anyone. Yes, it might be possible given enough time and skill, but post-production should be seen as a process to add polish and finesse to your video, not an opportunity to go back and fix mistakes that could have been ea… Read More